Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bet On the Grass!

Many fine and gifted writers have advised us, in both fiction and nonfiction, that Life buds, blooms and blossoms in spite of man’s best and worst works.

Summer Daylilies in the Backyard. Photo by Al Griffin 2005

When horses and men and bombs turned whole swaths of Europe into mud, the grass lay in wait until man’s boot heels no longer crushed its will. Then sun and seed collaborated to heal the landscape.

When frontiersmen clear-cut whole forests in order to plant and turn fields to their own uses, plants fought against extinction. They spread themselves far and wide, sent up shoots in those fields, and dug roots deeper just outside the farmer’s rectangles.

When Andrew or Katrina or Sandy shifted sands beneath the feet of men, pushing entire neighborhoods out of their way, the shore endured, shaped and sloped differently, producing waves more fierce or unusually tame, but the water continued to ebb and flow without regard to man’s woes.

When EF5s blast through a town, they churn and spin like a high-powered floor- cleaning machine. Bare earth and building rubble tell the tale of the tornado’s path, but next year, plants and grass will have taken hold, softening the ground, masking the misery.

Florida Everglades. Photo by Al Griffin 2011

In the face of all such force and power, we should be humble. We should heed the bird song high in the trees. We should awaken with the crows and roosters to enjoy the sun’s warm kisses. We should watch Venus introduce the evening and give way to the moon and stars. We should let grasses tickle our toes and perfumed blooms our noses. We should recognize that all these have been and will be again while we will not.

With such a view to the present, to the way of things, all the machinations and mischief of man recede. The politics and squinty-eyes plots become insignificant for few, if any, will endure as long as or as beautifully as the grasses, flowers, trees, and birds.

Take a deep breath and a long, long view to the horizon. Worry less and savor more.

Cancun, Mexico. Photo by Al Griffin 2010