Tuesday, December 31, 2013

In 2014, I Resolve to . . .

  • To be kinder to all, especially Customer Service Representatives in the employ of cell phone giants, Internet providers, and cable television drones (and yes, there are sad tales and fever-pitched quarrels I could recount),
  • To abandon all hope of every comprehending the Ebenezer hearts and labyrinthine brain of anyone claiming to have Tea-Party leanings and those fond of Ayn Rand’s rants,
  • To exercise vigorously at least four days weekly and walk farther every day,
  • To become righteous about tracking the food I put down my gullet,
  • To add more natural wonders of this world to my journal,
  • To feel the wind against my face, the sun upon my shoulders, and the cool blessing of night upon my weariness,
  • To empathize and accept,
  • To forgive those who trespass against me,
  • To cherish myself,
  • To be grateful for love, and
  • Never ever to abandon hope because I know that
Photo by Megan Griffin, "Temple in Japan," 2005

every child lost at Sandy Hook and Plaza Towers Elementary has left behind a legacy: a resolve to hold fast to the love felt and seared into a heart;

that every adult and child lost to gun violence has inspired one more to speak up and stand out for justice;

that Trayvon Martin’s family inspires a nation of people still convicted, still determined to find justice for him;

that Moral Monday protestors would go to jail again in the name of fairness, democracy, and education;

that men and women find food for hungry people;

that Pope Francis was elected to heal a church and restore faith;

that smarter, better people than I ever hope to be will always come forward.

May your resolve endure for 365 days; may your dreams spring to life.

Happy New Year!