Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Enough Already! Let the Victims of the Lost Malaysian Flight Rest.

By the time you read this, we may know everything we can ever learn about the Malaysian airliner and its 239 passengers. Or we may have begun to contemplate the many mysteries for which there are no answers: the child who disappeared, never to be seen again; the woman who drove to the convenience store for milk and never came home; Jimmy Hoffa’s final resting place. For all we now, Hoffa and Judge Crater may rest side by side somewhere.

The media will most likely have begun chasing another bright, shiny object: Chris Christie and Bridgegate, Darrell Issa and a fill-in-the-blank-issue to grab headlines and cameras, Justin Bieber or Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton or Judy Garland . . . . MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, to her great shame, I hope, even interrupted an interview with former Congresswoman Jane Harmon to cut away for breaking news about Justin Bieber’s bond hearing.

How many minutes were spent connecting the dots that led from David Wildstein to Bridget Kelly and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie? Enough to have burned their names into my memory.

How many cable channels, local news half-hours, and special broadcasts have been devoted to nothing more than conjecture and guesses about the missing plane full of people last seen in Malaysia? Enough for me to have seen a grown man hold a flight recorder aloft to reveal the actual size of the thing sending a fading ping from deep in the ocean. Enough for me to know how large a certain section of the Indian Ocean is--as large as Massachusetts by one account, West Virginia by another.

Enough already! Enough!!!

So much more has happened and is happening every hour of every day. Pakistan is a dangerous breeding ground for international terrorism. China has begun to acknowledge the real health hazards of its own pollution. Russia has claimed a stake to a rich pipeline for oil and gas. The world is on course for a cataclysmic climatological disaster.

If those global stories are just too much, consider the essays from this blog dating from January 7, 2014 through last week’s, April 8, 2014. These offer insight into an organization shaping and molding your day-to-day lives. These alert you to truths closer to home. These warn you about a group of businesses and elected officials who wish to erode the protections that exist for you. Please pay heed.

I admit that I am not Steve Kornacki or Brian Williams or Scott Pelley. I am not HBO’s Shane Smith or PBS’ David Fanning who bring ground-breaking, in-depth stories to help us comprehend the world, its suffering, its courageous residents, and its fever-pitch battles against foes as mighty as Nature and as petty as Osama bin Laden. These men and women and countless more like them go to war-torn, drought-stricken, water-laden, disease-ridden places to teach me.

I merely try to make sense of what those who have gone before report. Join me in turning from the chase after bright, shiny objects with network stars and cable pundits--please. If I do and you do, then we have a tiny chance of redirecting the attention of the media to stories that matter so much more.

The loss of 239 people is not slight. The families of those 239 human beings are frightened, sad, and angry. I wish them healing and hope, but let them and their lost kin rest. The world charges on, and we must be sure it’s on the best path.