Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Please Heed Nate Silver!

I have my moments. I bet you do, too. You know them. Those moments when you just sigh, turn off the TV, close the browser, and walk off, no longer able to dig and delve in the debris of politics.

Recently, an online post from Time: The Brief, March 24, 2014, threatened my equilibrium. I said, “Hello, Despair. Let’s take a walk into the dark future without Hope.”

Nate Silver, the man who uses simple math, surveys, and computers to predict elections and explain trends, announced that the GOP has a 60% chance of claiming the majority in the U. S. Senate. He offered the information with a post script--a footnote declaring that Democrats could change these odds against them if they try really, really hard.

Self-Portrait. Al GriffinPhotography
This dire warning about the winds sweeping the land came upon the heels of an election defeat in Florida’s special election for its 13th Congressional seat. A Republican won. Using Chicken-Little cries about the Democratic sky falling in upon us, thanks to Obamacare, a game plan clouded with lies, misinformation, and hyperbolic hate speech, Republican David Jolly won.

What Jolly’s victory means, to me, is that dark money (money for which donors remain unknown), Koch-Brother inherited money, Citizens United money, FOX’s bright, shiny objects, and topsy-turvy confusion won. FOX beats the drum of lies, misinformation, and hyperbolic hate speech while the Kochs invent think-tanks to produce research defending its self-interests and hire poorly informed folks to speak out on issues they don’t understand.

So I despair. But I will not stop trying to understand all sides of the arguments. I will not cease trying to be an informed citizen. Please, please join me. Speak up. Act now. Organize for truth and the common good.