Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Homeless in America: Say Hello to Art.

Art. Photo by Al Griffin

As I came out of a local coffee shop in Oklahoma City, I found Art standing on the curb. I stuck out my hand and earned a huge smile for my trouble. Art is a man of exceptional cheer and grace given the poverty of his circumstances and existence. 

I have witnessed Art giving a motorist advice on how to operate the new electronic parking meters, giving a confused tourist detailed directions to his destination, and generally spreading cheer and good will among those who cross his path each day. I often wonder if I would be so upbeat and positive under the same circumstances.

After a brief, first visit, I asked if I could take Art's picture, and he sat on the curb while I got ready to snap. One of his images became part of my exhibit in New York City in October and November of 2013.