Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Homeless in Oklahoma City; Ken

Photo by Al Griffin
I found Ken sitting on a hot Oklahoma curb in a blistering sun of mid-afternoon. When I approached him and asked if I could join him, he looked confused and a little apprehensive. But he did say yes hesitantly. 

New to the street, Ken had been homeless for only a few short months and was still not adjusted to his new status. Fearful of the dangers from predators preying on the homeless, Ken showed me a large hunting knife he carried in his back pack.

After a few minutes of conversation, Ken started to cry. With tears streaming down his face, he talked about never knowing what to do next or how to work his way out of his new reality. Using his last cash to buy an old car so he could find and hold a job, he ended up being bilked by a small car lot because the car needed so much work it just stopped running in less than a month and Ken could not afford repairs so he abandoned it.
I never saw Ken after that day.