Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Today's the Day: Vote!

Too few people decide our futures because too few people vote. Don't be one of the few. Be one of many who love their country so much that they will vote for the greater good of us all.

A similar admonition and plea appeared October 31, 2012 and appears again below.


Since 1988, it [voter turnout] has fluctuated, from a low of 52.6% of eligible voters ... in 1996 to a high of 61% of eligible voters in 2004, the highest level since 1968." Fewer--about 57%--were able to decide for all of us in 2012.

About half of the eligible voters decide outcomes that will determine the nature of the Supreme Court, the collegiality of Congressmen and women, the role that our nation will play in the world, and the social, economic and physical health of our citizens. One of every two eligible voters will vote and determine our futures.

Look at the person to your right.

Now look left.

Consider your neighbor.

Think about your relatives.

Can you honestly say that you are just fine, completely content to let those folks shape your future?


Then vote! . . .  Your life, your well-being, and the future of this nation depend upon it. Vote with all the information and intelligence you can bring to bear. Vote!