Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Homeless in Oklahoma City, OK: Conway

Words and Images by Al Griffin

Striding with a purpose, Conway came across the plaza carrying his entire world on his back. Since I stood in his direct path, he slowed to nod when I spoke. When I reached out my hand to shake. he grinned and shook hands enthusiastically. Conway said he was on his way to catch a bus, hoping to find better opportunities farther North. 

Conway reminded me of another homeless man I met years ago. Both are tall, dignified looking with interesting faces.

The only thing I know for sure about Conway based upon our brief encounter is that he needed to get to this bus quickly before it pulled out from the terminal a few blocks away. This bus would carry him to better times. The next one might not do that.

The thing I know about Conway is that he needed that bus. The thing I believe about Conway is that he looks forward and out, not down and in. He seemed to have hope, and that is a good thing.


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